How do we provide anonymity?


AVM does not assign a name to a box nor do we keep record of your box number. You are provided the box number and card number at the time of registration. If provided an email or phone number, you will be notified when it is time to renew your box.


Do you have to come to AVM in person to rent lock box?


You can rent and pay for a box without coming into our location, however, at some point, you would have to come to the vault to place your items inside your box, as well as set up your pin and RFID card.


Can contents of my box be subpoenaed by a judge?


Your contents can only be subpoenaed if the document has the name  and box number listed.


Do you have insurance to cover any potential losses?


The contents of your box are not insured as we do not keep a record of box contents. However, if you add the items to your homeowners or renters policy, you will likely get a significant discount in rate as our facility is approved by most major insurance carriers.


How do you protect my box from fire?


We use a liquid CO2 Fire suppression system.


How do you protect my box from theft?


The boxes are stored inside a 2” thick steel vault. There is 24 hour armed security, off site video monitoring and back up, ADT security, motion and pressure sensors, patented locks, and controlled entry with record keeping.


How do you protect from employee dishonesty?


No one at AVM has access to the vault. The vault is sealed by the manufacturer. The boxes cannot be removed from their fixture in the cabinet, as they are mechanically locked to the machine.


What happens when the vault is opened?


The machine was designed to run without any human interaction. The manufacturer took all the steps to over engineer the machine to allow for little to no maintenance. The robotic telemetry is constantly monitored and reports errors to us. However there are steps in place if maintenance occurs.


When maintenance occurs on the machine, the building is locked down with an additional guard in the lobby. No one will be permitted in the building. Once the seal with a serial number is removed by the bonded technician, the technician begins his work. Once the work is complete, the technician reseals the door. Before he leaves, the seal and video from the maintenance is stored in AVM’s bank safe.


How do I sign up?


Sign up is easy. All you need is yourself, and a form of payment. You will fill out an on screen form, select a PIN, read the terms and condition and make your payment. From the time you walk in the door to access of your box, the process takes less than 5 minutes.


What about video monitoring?


We store 365 days of video monitoring off site. There are multiple backups. We have also hired a firm that provides an “Eye in the sky”, this firm monitors our cameras 24 hours a day and can alert us to any abnormalities.


If you choose to receive a 24 hour “virtual guard tour” feed of certain aspects of the operation, we can provide that to you for an additional fee.


What about access control?

We store 365 days of access control off site. This data can be cross referenced with the video monitoring to provide time and date in case you feel that the box was accessed inadvertently.


Who has access to the building?


During business hours, Tuesday through Saturday, customers have access to registration. During off hours, only card carrying members have access 24 hours a day.


What if I lose my…?


You are given your card number, box number, and key code at registration. During sign up, you will set your pin and a secret code. You will need to provide 4 of the 5 identifiers in order to replace the lost item.


There is a $20 fee to replace a lost RFID card, $30 fee to replace a lost key, and a $150 lock removal fee.


How will I know to renew my box?


If you chose to supply us with contact information, you will be contacted 2 weeks prior to the expiration.


What is your renewal policy?


We provide a 30 day grace period for the yearly renewal. After the 30th day, the box is removed from the machine and hermetically sealed with a serial number and stored off site. 

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