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Buford, GA 5/14/15 Safe deposit boxes are a thing of the past. Gone are the days of Grandmothers rushing to the bank to get her pearls she has been storing for the last 40 years.  With declining use, banks have been slowly phasing the safe deposit box out over the last 10 years, so in the electronic age, is there a need for one?

Automated Vault Machine

Introducing, AVM-Automated Vault Machine, a small startup out of Buford, GA looking to revolutionize privacy, security, and convenience. While similar to a traditional safe deposit box located at a bank, their automated lock-box system remove all the drawbacks of the safe deposit box and add a myriad of other features and benefits.

Absolute Anonymity

Not only have safe deposit boxes being phased out, personal privacy has been slowly dwindling, as well. In the wake of the NSA spying scandals, you are losing your freedom every day. AVM is looking to restore that.


The largest of the aforementioned benefits is that AVM offers complete anonymity. They do not require identification or verification of your identity when you rent a box. You can pay with cash or if you chose to remain less secure, check or credit card.


Access to the box is controlled by possession of the card, key, and a personalized PIN number you chose when renting the box. There are no electronic records, so there is no possibility of –anyone- obtaining your information via computer.




AVM also does not fall under banking regulations. Banks are required by federal and state law to comply with any and all legal processors. Traditional safe deposit boxes can be tied up with a simple court order.


From young professionals to the business elite, there are infinite reasons to use the services provided by AVM. The boxes can be used in the traditional sense of storing valuable documents and objects, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. With 24/7 access, AVM allows you to keep anything that will fit in their boxes in a 2” thick steel vault, protected by 24 hour  guards, off site camera DVR, fire suppression, and a state of the art ADT security system.

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