AVM’s private storage services offer several benefits over a traditional bank safe deposit box.  However, the largest benefit is that we offer complete anonymity. We do not require identification or verification of your identity when you rent a box from us. You can pay with cash or if you chose to remain less secure, check or credit card. Access to your box will be controlled by possession of the card, key, and a personalized PIN number you chose when renting your box. We do not keep electronic records so there is no possibility of hackers obtaining your information via computer.

In addition to the anonymity, AVM also does not fall under banking regulations. Banks are required by federal and state law to comply with any and all legal processors. Traditional safe deposit boxes can be tied up with a simple court order. As the box number and user are kept anonymous by our proprietary access software, we cannot turn over a box without a card or box number, key, and pin.

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